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CodeIt! © Online Compiler is a lightweight IDE supporting 60+ programming languages. It's made in JAVA so it can be run under both Windows and Linux environment. It uses Ideone © API. Just pick your language, write some code and run it (Internet Connection Required). It has full support of file handling too which can come quite handy for online programming contests like Code Jam and CodeForces. User can upload source code, input file and will also be able to save the output file, compilation info file to their local disk with just a click.

End User will also be able to edit the source code after submission without logging in. (Currently Ideone © only allows editing of source code to the logged in users )

CodeIt! © IDE provides user the Compilation Info, Standard Output (stdout), Standard Error (stderr) of his submission.

So why are you still waiting. Go grab the IDE and CodeIt!

Feedback and support

If you need help installing or using the tool, use the Discussions tab to ask your question.
If you find a bug or think of a feature, use the Issue Tracker tab to submit your request.
Kindly provide your reviews or possible bug reports.


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